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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Our Hearts are Full

Spring. AAhhh, nothing like a windy spring day in Kansas. The temperatures have been in the 70's. Even a few 80's. It's just been beautiful. The tulips are almost blooming, the trees have little leaves on them and the animals are frisky.
The farm has come to life. We had a new baby calf a couple weeks ago. It's so cute running and jumping around. The birds are back. And Country Boy has been working around like crazy. He fits right in. That's what this whole blog was going to be about until yesterday.
Yesterday really got crazy.
Let me tell you about it.
It was an average normal day until mid afternoon. C.B. had decided to do some work in the pasture, fixing creek crossings. Which had gone well for him until he got the skid loader stuck.
Yes, stuck in the creek.
In the mire and the muck.
You see, there's a creek that runs through our farm. It winds around. It divides up. It becomes two separate creeks. It becomes one again. It's a maze of creek beds and trees and stuff.
The thing about it is that it is spring fed. One of them doesn't ever go dry. (don't ask me which one, I'm already confusing myself.)
Anyway, this day that was the problem.
When C.B. throws bog boots at me as soon as he walks in the door, that is my hint.
He wants me to put them on.  haha.
So out the door I went.
We hopped in the truck and he took me to the sight of the problem and I saw this:
Well, ok. We hooked up chains to the truck and the back of the loader and started in.
A couple hours later it looked like this:

The bucket is now buried. I think we broke a few sets of chains by this point. We started calling for help. People started coming and the work kept on....
The mud and the muck just wasn't going to give up it's prize without a fight. I'm not sure of the events in the next few hours. People kept coming to help. Equipment kept showing up. Poor C.B. just felt terrible. I think he just felt so bad about getting it stuck in the first place. Then you feel bad inconveniencing people when you ask them to help. If you notice the cab, C.B. sat in there most of the evening covered in water.
Some of these pictures aren't too good. I was snapping photos with my phone while running around. I was in the creek for awhile trying to help move rocks so the water would flow downstream instead of into the cab.
Hours later we had 3 tractors and a back hoe and several men running around trying to get that darn skid loader out. We had kids, dogs and watchers too. I held a dog and ran around and watched. Then I would just run around.
It looked bad from every angle.
It just kept getting worse. C.B. was in there. Earlier my Father in law was in there. They had to get in and out by using the back window.
Well, by the grace of God, no one was hurt and we finally got it out.
Thank you to all our friends and family who helped!!
Our hearts are full.
It's times like these that the farm is the best place to live.
Friends will drop everything at the drop of a hat to help another.
Family is always close by.
We are blessed!