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Monday, October 8, 2012

The Leaves are falling

The Leaves are falling, the leaves are falling... seems to be the countrysides cry....

Actually, it's just harvest time. Time to cut the beans and milo, hopefully the corn is already picked. Maybe you need to pick pumpkins. Maybe it's apples. Maybe, just maybe it's coffee time.  How 'bout Apple cider?
The list is growing... ha.
Okay, I"m getting a little sidetracked. The beans have been cut at our house.
 Thank goodness. My Country Boy has turned into Farmer Man Who Worries A Lot.

The wheat has been planted.
It's all good.
We have started feeding the cattle at our house. As we were getting a bale of hay I snapped this photo.
The blue sky and cool crisp air have been so refreshing!
Those 110 degree days are starting to fade from memory.
Just a little.
It's hard to be upset with sunshine on your face and the cool breeze messing up your hair.
I'm sure that's what my girls think. Here they are, all ready for Homecoming week!
The fall season is full of beauty. This is the sunrise...
My plants aren't dead yet. My pumpkins haven't become mush. All is well.

Wishing everyone a wonderful Fall Harvest.
May you enjoy the season to the full.
I'm having a cup of coffee...
Happy Fall Ya'll!   :)