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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Hot summer countrytime

Well, It's been awhile. The farm has been here and so have I. I guess I just haven't had much to say. Probably because I'm too hot. It's too hot to do anything. Let alone farm. Geez. Mr. Country Boy did go out and chop weeds with a corn knife the other day. It was only 102 or so that afternoon. I know why he did it... but why did he do that?
Hmm, the heat effected his decision making skills. I'm sure of it.
Who else in their right mind does that anyway?
We don't know.
Well, we did have some fun early this summer. We went fishing....
This is our friend Al. The fish he caught are on the right... the fish the rest of us caught are on the left. Okay, so yes he had a good day. And there's a picture to prove it. The end.
Ha. (Can you tell we haven't stop hearing about it since?... Remember that time..... oh my)
There was some wheat harvesting that happened around here too.
I think there was more visiting about harvesting than harvesting at this point. We had some hail damage on our wheat. It had to be discussed I"m sure.
It all came out fine. Thank goodness it was discussed about first.
Darling daughter #2 had a birthday the first part of June and big sister baked her a cake.
Of course I had to get a picture of that.
Proof of sisterly love!
Darling daughter #1 did a good job! A camo cake... who would have thought? :)
The cows are still hanging around here.
Gosh, You'd think we fed them or something.
Actually, they are out to pasture. C.B. just has a plan.
He has fresh water, mineral and salt blocks up in the corral. They come up quite regularly to get their tasty treats. Some day this fall they will come up and ... whammo..C.B. will shut the gate. That will be that. He is just too smart.
C.B. is just too handy too. He can do anything. He did this...

That, my friends is a beautiful new sidewalk.
C.B. didn't like the old one. So, one day he decided to change it.
Voila....  (don't look at my ugly broom I forgot to move.) Oh dear.
C.B. has actually had some time to do some other things too.
The screened in porch is so awesome I think I could rent it out for parties now!
I don't have a picture of that yet though. It's coming.
The current heat wave is, well... it is hot. ... ha.
There's been so many days over a hundred now we've lost count.
I think it's over 12. Maybe it's been 10. No, it has to be at least 14.
There's more in store I guess. That's what they say.
Who is "they" and how do "they" know... that's what I want to know.
At least in the country it doesn't seem to be as hot as in town.
Our little town has just been hot.
We're on our own schedule out here you know... it's country time!
It still hot though....

Stay cool! :)