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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Super Cool

The past month has been a flurry of activity. The nice weather has everyone out and about. Including me! I've been out. Out of commission, out of touch and out of my mind. haha.
So far, Country Boy has only had 3 or 4 injuries.
Darling daughter #1 went to prom.
Darling daughter #2 won 3 awards at an FFA banquet.
I've only done 32 loads of laundry, cooked 12 meals (haven't been home) and planted a little garden.
That's it.
Nothing else happening.
Okay, so C.B. had concrete smash his ankle, an auger fall on his arm and an accident involving his wrist. Nothing fatal. Not much blood. Just soreness and stubbornness. That sums him up.
I don't have any pictures either. Man.
Now this last weekend was fun..... this is darling daughter #1:
I think a good time was had by all at the "Empire State of Mind" prom and the "All About Tonite" after-prom. C.B. and I helped with the after prom party and I've still not recovered. Something about being out until 4:30 in the morning messes up the sleeping schedules.
Oh man.
Now for #2.... daughter that is...
They were all so happy to get their rewards.
Good job kids!!
Now for the Super Cool stuff....
The cooler than cool stuff...
I just happened to be home.. it truly was a wonder.
And I heard Lucy .. she was barking around in the yard so of course an investigation was required.
AAhhh yes, she's just barking at the airplane.
The airplane buzzing by..
the cropduster guy.
It was hard to get his picture.
It just happened so quick.
You can even see the spray...
Ok.. so everthing that's happened has been super cool.
It's the little things .. and the big things.
Oh yeah, since the wheat is getting sprayed I'll have to go get a picture of that now.
C.B. has been gathering information from other local farmers and the consensus is that there could possibly be an early harvest.
Bet you hadn't heard that one before.

Super Cool.

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