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Friday, November 30, 2012

Winter Project

Yep, there it is. Our winter project.
 I don't know why I"m saying "our". Ha. I just get to take pictures, talk about it and maybe boss or give an opinion (or two).
Country Boy has decided that although this barn is usable in it's current condition, it could be more practical for today's uses.  So, Here we go....

These built in feeders were taken out on one side before I could even take any pictures! C.B. doesn't just talk about doing stuff I guess....
These pictures are great I know. Barns are so... well... photogenic..  :)
I just love them though.

 My little pile of stuff that I wanted to save is right there. The old window frames and an old pulley. I think I really did have more but they "accidentally" got thrown on the trailer and hauled away.  Hhmmm.
Not that I was being a pain or anything. I just wondered what this or that was. What in the world did they use THAT for. You know. Stuff like that. I had gloves on and was "helping"...  I just don't think I was the kind of help C.B. was wanting.  LOL.

As I was touring the barn taking pictures I had a little helper. Lucy was so excited to run around out there. I think she was crouching thinking the barn swallows were still out there though.
Dive bombing barn swallows drive me crazy too!

Okay, so I did get a little side tracked as I was out snapping photos. It was just such a nice 60 degree day that I just couldn't help myself.
I had to be sure and get a picture of this:
Around the back of the barn is this "1900".  It's so cool to have a piece of history in my yard!

As I went around the back of the barn I decided to check out the creek.
It's a little slushy on top.
Then I marveled at this big tree that fell over. It had to have happened last summer when we had a 6in. rain in about an hour.

In the background of this picture you can see the bridge on the road.
Who said Kansas was flat? ;)
When I turn around I can barely see the barn....
Good grief.
C.B.'s project is not out here.
Like I said... I'm just taking the pictures. ;)
I'm just too busy being side tracked. With this for instance.
There's our cute little tree.
It has all new decorations. Because I lost all of our original ones.
Yep. All the lights, ornaments, star and everything.
Except the tree. Somehow I managed to store the tree in a place I could find it again.
I've been a little blue about it.
All the ornaments from when C.B. and I were little. All the girls' ornaments from when they were babies.
All gone.
That's why I took this picture.
It's just ornaments. And memories.
My house didn't burn down. Everyone is healthy.
It is Christmas time.
It's just so frustrating and all I have to blame is myself.
I know, I know. The Christmas message isn't about my ornaments.
So, I'm going to quit looking now.
While I"m trying to organize in the house this winter. C.B. is going to be organizing the barn.
 Happy winter and Merry Christmas.
May the Christmas spirit fill your hearts with the true reason for the season.

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