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Thursday, August 18, 2011


It's been a great summer. All the swimming, ball games, BBQ's, tractor pulls, working and sweating were real fun. Now it's time for the routine. The work, work and more work routine.( Maybe a little school too.)
I had a routine once. I don't really know what happened to it. It just kinda disappeared. It was here and now it's gone. I'm not sure I want it back either.
I think I'm ready for a new routine.
The new routine promises so many things. It's fun because it's new. It's different because it's new. It's great.
Until about a week later. What is wrong with my routines? They are so boring after a week or so that I want a new one.
I don't know. I guess it's just me. Not the routine.
Well, my latest routine has been exciting. A little frustrating maybe but still exciting none the less.
Every night for the past 2 weeks we have had a visitor.
At first sight I thought it was a cat.
Then I saw it peck the ground and I thought it was a chicken.
Wait.... I think it's an.... owl.
This guy loves our yard. He's crazy. He likes to sit on the fence post and turn his head clear around.
It's really hard to get a good picture of him. I have to lay in front of the window and not forget to put the flash down. Geez.
See that...?! He almost looks like a cat. It's the ears... lol.  I think he is a Barred Owl. I'm not sure though. I'm not a professional.. in anything obviously. That is a blurry picture!
Well, so much for that routine. To try to get an owl picture every night, I'll need night vision lenses and lessons in stealth photography!
Poor Country Boy is hoping the events of this last week are not in his routine. So far this week, C.B. has been stung on the finger by a wasp and chased and stung by a swarm of hornets. I think he's lucky to only have 5 stings on his face and head. He looks really good with a swelled up lip and an eye almost swollen shut. I don't have a picture of this though. I mean really. I had to draw a line somewhere.
No stinging insects allowed in the routine.
My adorable daughters have school in their routine again starting tomorrow. They're not real excited about it. I don't blame them. It has been a fun summer. Sleeping late, eating all the time, sleeping some more.
I've enjoyed having them around too. I can boss them around and make them do stuff... haha.
No, really. It's hard to see them go. Although I am excited to rest up for the next few months. I'll need all the rest I can get before next summer!
I think I remember my last routine of morning coffee, a little Facebook, more coffee....
Yeah, I did like that routine.
It was comforting in an odd sort of way.
I might redo that one. Maybe not. If I remember right, I think it did get boring.
Not the coffee though. That is a requirement in my next routine!

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