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Saturday, August 27, 2011


We have a new addition to our family. She is just so cute. Her name is Lucy and she has already gotten us all under her spell.
She is now our entertainment.
You just can't help it.
You forget how fun a puppy is. How cute they are.
How they love to play.
Lucy is sitting there one minute with her head cocked to the side, her ears.. one up and one down..
the next thing you know she is racing by with something in her mouth.
Oh my.
She sits there and looks so adorable...
the next thing you know she is biting your sock.   Ouch!
You glance at her and you see this:
Before you realize it.. it's gotten crazy!
I would say that Waylon is tolerating this invasion quite well. Whenever he is attacked, he just gets up and moves to a new location.
Sometimes I want to do that too.
You forget how cute puppies are. They do have cuteness on their side.
It's a good thing.
Because then you remember.
You remember what a pain they really are.
You can't walk through the room without your feet being attacked.
You can't eat without an audience.
You can't take off your shoes and socks and expect to find them in the same place.
No - not at all.
You can't be comfy in your chair. You will be attacked somehow before the time is up.
Lucy did find something we didn't know we had.
An old shoe from under the deck. Thanks Lucy.
Just about when you can't take it anymore.. you see this:
Sleep. Blessed sleep.
It's a good thing!
It's a bit of a shock to have a puppy.
Another shock today is that it is my husbands birthday. He's 40. (WOW!)
Will he be able to deal with the stigma of being 40?
Will he be able to handle the ribbing and the joking?
Will he be speaking to me tomorrow?
Oh well, at least I have Lucy.

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