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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Buzzards

*DISCLAIMER* Anyone who views the pictures on this blog that starts to feel sick to your stomach, headache, chills or dizziness is not the fault of the very amateur photographer. (who absolutely has no photography talent whatsoever.. none..zero..zilch..nada) It may be to the graphic content of these photos! Proceed with blog at your own risk!

Yesterday morning started very normal, just like any other day. The kids were fed and kicked out the door, the beds were made, the laundry was going and the dishes were started. About this time I decided to have a very much needed cup of coffee and was visiting with my Mother-in-Law on the phone. We were having a very nice conversation when I looked out the window and saw this:
Turkey Buzzards
 Yes, that's right. There were 3 turkey buzzards sitting on top of MY barn. Eeww! I had to throw down the phone in the middle of the conversation with my MIL to take this photo. Then I rushed back inside. A few moments later I peeked out the window again and saw this:
5 buzzards
Yes, that's right. The darn things had multiplied while I wasn't looking. Again I threw down the phone and ran outside to snap this photo and ran back in. Wow, nothing like a little exercise early in the morning! Of course then a few moments later I saw this:
6 Buzzards
 After the phone hitting the counter-top again, my MIL and I decided to finish our conversation later. (She is still speaking to me, she just can't hear me!) ha. Anyway, Just a few moments after this shot was taken I missed the very best one. This is where the very amateur and pathetic skills of this blogger have gotten me. With no good pictures. Well, see the buzzard above with his wings spread out. The picture I missed was off all 6 buzzards sitting on top my barn with their wings spread out. It was very creepy. They are buzzards after all. What in the world did it all mean? Were they waiting for something in my yard to die? I just know there is an old Indian legend that will explain this to me. But do I really want to know the meaning?? Then and there I decided to go for  a walk to clear my head. (The buzzards had flown away at this point.) So off I went...
down my country road.
It was a pleasant day even though is was overcast and a little cool. I was on my way home when I passed an old farm site with a few outbuildings still standing. What in the world... you'll never guess what I saw. A Turkey Buzzard. Oh my, they are following me! Well the darn things came flying out of that shed and there were 7 of them now circling above my head.
If you look close you can see them on the edge of the picture. It's really hard to take a picture of the sky above your head! Because they really freaked me out I ran all the way home. When I came up my driveway I saw this:
My lovely barn without buzzards! I felt so much better. Then I started really looking at the barn. Oh dear, it's not looking very nice. It needs something, maybe a little paint and personality. After all, the way it is it's attracting turkey buzzards!!
Painting the barn may be in my future. It would only be a 3-4 week project. Well, then again... maybe not!

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