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Monday, April 25, 2011

The Table

I love this table!
C.B. made this table for me. (C.B. = Country Boy = Hubby). It reminds me of so many things when I look at it. It makes me think of how something wonderful can be made out of something not so wonderful, how there are really nice people in this world and how you should always follow your gut. Gut feelings that is. This isn't any ordinary table you see. It has its own story...
It all started one morning last week. I needed to take the kid to the dentist (adorable daughter #2). I was having a shoe debate that morning. Should I wear flip flops or not. My gut feeling was to not wear flip flops but I really wanted to. It's been kind of cool and damp around here so I went the jeans and boots route. C.B. had given me an errand list and the kid and I were going to leave a little early to get the errands done.

We arrived at the store and the kid opted to stay in the pick-up. Thirteen year olds do not go into stores with their mothers. It is embarrassing and uncalled for. There was music, books and an Ipod in the truck so it was not necessary to leave it. lol. So I dashed into the store by myself.
I must say, I did get a little distracted when I got in there. I did finally make it to the lumber department though. I found a nice young man to help me and handed him C.B.'s list. We made quite the loop around the store and my cart was soon full of lumber. The man helping me had to go help someone else so I made my way to the check out by myself. I was feeling pretty good with a full cart on the way out the door until I realized I had to unload this by myself into the truck. I must have looked quite pathetic because the man parked next to me jumped out of his car and asked if he could help. Well, you should never turn down any help right?! In nothing flat we were on our way to the dentist.
Again I was feeling pretty good. We were going to make it to the dentist on time. However, my brain wasn't functioning properly that morning. Not enough coffee I'm guessing because I didn't tie down the lumber in the back. It was fine until we were a half a block away from the dentist office. As I was crossing a busy intersection going uphill the 12ft. pieces of lumber slid right out. Now here is where I'm really glad I listened to my gut feeling. I would have looked like a sap in the middle of that intersection trying to get 12ft. pieces of lumber in flip flops. ( Not that I didn't look like a sap anyway but it did make it easier wearing boots!) Here's where another nice person who was stopped at a stop sign jumped out of his car and helped me load it all back up. People are so nice!
Thankfully we were so close to the dentist office I told the kid to go ahead and go in and I was going to spend some time rearranging this lumber. I dug through the truck looking for some rope or tie-downs and of course found some. (C.B. is organized like that.) I spent the next few minutes making loops and knots and quite a mess. I must have just looked lost this morning because a man walking through the parking lot asked me if I needed help. Well, I just said sure. At this point I needed all the help I could get! By now the kid was at the front door of the dentist office hollering for me to come in. I thanked this nice man and scooted inside.

On the whole way home I was a mess. Constantly checking on the stack of lumber in the back. I was hoping that man's knots were better than mine! I had told the Kid I would take her to get something to eat before we went home but completely forgot as I had this lumber on my brain. Thankfully she's an easy going kid and was okay with getting something at home.

We made it home, kid fed and back to school and lumber in the truck and in the garage. As I was putting the garage door down I realized that the 12ft. lumber sticking out of the back of the truck wasn't going to fit. Oh man. I had to untie those crazy knots and unload that stuff all by myself. (No one around to offer any help that time..haha). 

By the time I finally got inside I was wiped. Who know just getting a little lumber could be so taxing. C.B. came home that night and started on that table right away. He can't sit still. Anyway, now I have a table with a story that I can pass on to my children. It's not just an ordinary table you see.... 
I love this table!

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  1. You crack me up with "the kid". haha What I love is I can totally hear you telling the story in your voice!