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Friday, April 29, 2011


The Sun just makes everything better. It makes even the silly everyday little things better. Like driving your car. It's so much better when your arm can be out the window and you can look good wearing your sunglasses. It makes dressing in the morning easier. You don't have to pile on the clothes and.. it sure makes eatin' better! This is what I found in my garden a couple nights ago:

Beautiful red radishes, fresh spinach and lettuce! Yay! The garden is bearing .. the garden is bearing! I am always to excited for the first thing from the garden, which is usually lettuce, and you go and take a big bite and it tastes like dirt. Why does the first bite always taste like dirt? Then the flavor starts in and you can tell it's lettuce. Radishes aren't so bad that way, they're either hot or not. But the lettuce and dirt have a thing going...

The sunshine also makes the landscape so much prettier to look at. On my walk yesterday I got lucky and snapped this little cutie:

This is a wheat field close to my house. If you look close you can see the windmill in the background. Yeah, I don't know how that got there. My photography skill amazes me. lol.   I just loved the blue sky and the green wheat. Now I"m going to have to get more pictures as the wheat matures. Great.. I don't know if I can .. the pressure of it all.....

The best thing about the sunshine is the free drying service. I LOVE to hang clothes on the line. The fresh smell just can't be beat. If there's a small breeze the clothes will dry without a single wrinkle and that's my style of ironing. I thought I had a picture of my clothesline but I can't seem to locate it, so I stole my sisters.

My sister lives on a farm about 16 miles from me and she has 4 crazy boys. That doesn't mean anything though. Just because I have 2 adorable daughters doesn't mean her boys are crazy or that they might be.
What is in question here though is clothes line hanging technique. Let me tell you... it is crazy.
 We were born of the same parents, reared in the same home and ate the same food.... how could she hang her clothes on the line different than me?? Well, I don't know. It's a mystery.  I have no photo to showcase my clothes hanging ability so I guess this one will have to be debated another time.

These plants looked sickly before the sun came out and now they're blooming. I think I'm going out to enjoy the sun now. Have a great day!


  1. You hang yours the right way Rael....sorry Arianne!!

  2. Hey now!! Actually, you've been in the dark all these years hanging yours the way you do. The reason I hang mine upside down is that the butt end is the heavy end (esp while wet)and the weight makes the legs of the jeans straighter and much less wrinkly!! :) Now you know!! Try it, I dare you! ;) That's a double dog dare!! :)ha And for the boys.....yes they are wild and crazy!! :)