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Friday, October 7, 2011

It's Fall!

It's finally Fall. I think I missed the whole month of September. It's such a blur. I think I had a post a while back about routine. How excited I was to have it. I don't know what happened. The routine sure didn't.
Anyway, We just harvested our first bean crop. It was exciting! It was also dusty, dirty, crazy and fun. :)

How about those dried up looking things? Yeah, they look kinda funny. It's okay. They'll harvest just fine.

It's amazing how the process works. How the combine cuts the beans and cleans the field and how you get little beans in the end!
C.B. is checking his field out. These beans were pretty tall. Almost to his waist! Better watch out.. here comes the combine!
After 2 days of cutting, we're glad to have our crop in the elevator and some wheat planted!
This is what you call farmin'!

We know it's Fall around here because the barn swallows left. Yes. I was pretty excited. No more chasing them off my front porch and being dive-bombed in the yard now till spring. They will be back and I"ll be ready!
We know it's fall because...
The garden is on it's last legs.
Ragweed is in the air.
The nights are thankfully cooler.
There are fuzzy caterpillars everywhere!
The squirrels in my yard are possessed. They run from tree to tree and chatter at my dogs! (poor Waylon and Lucy.)
Some days are still hot. Some are not.
Football is back on T.V. and there are beautiful orange pumpkins on my porch.
Fall decorations are so fun!

I'm ready. I'm ready for fall.
For the big pots of soup.
For longer evenings at home.
Maybe a nice fire in the firepit....

The best image of all.....
Country Boy enjoying harvest time.

This picture is going on my wall at home. Maybe even above the fireplace in the most respected place above the mantle!
Whatever your fall may bring, may you enjoy it to it's full extent.
Happy Fall Ya'll!

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