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Saturday, October 22, 2011

It's still Fall.

Yes, it's true. Last time I checked it was still Fall. Although I can't remember when I checked last. Was that yesterday or the day before? I'm really not sure. It doesn't matter... it's still Fall.
C.B. has been drilling some wheat.

Lucy has been laying around.

And there are hedgeballs floating in the creek.

Yes, all these things have happened. Although maybe not in this order.
I also found a frog in our pond. What is he doing? It's getting colder!

There's some wheat popping up out of the ground!

Things just keeping happening around here and
I can't seem to dictate where I'm going or what I'm doing.
It's mystifying...
It's hectic.
It's chaotic.
It's unbelievable.
Yeah, it's fun too.
A couple days ago we had 8 high school girls here to get ready for Fall Ball.
That was crazy.
I can't believe my little girls are so grown up.

Where does the time go?
What happened to having pig-tails and wearing cute little dresses with cowgirl boots?
Don't blink.
Next thing you know all the food in the house is disappearing and there's no more money in the pocketbook.
Don't blink..
You also might miss the transformation...
from cute little girls to lovely young ladies!
I think I need some more coffee.
Can you pass the whole pot please.
I really need to sit down......

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