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Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Why Hello there Country Boy. I almost missed you up in that tree. I really had to look.
I almost forgot it was hunting season and that you were setting up your 6th tree stand. Or is it 7th? I believe I've lost track.
What can you see from up there? I bet you can't see me. I look normal. No antlers or white tail or anything.
Hello, it's been awhile. Here is a picture of life on this farm for the last few weeks...
My goodness. It about wears me out.
A week or two back.. C.B. agreed to go on a date with me. I was so excited.
We went to the city and had a lovely breakfast at IHOP.
Then we went shopping. It was really quite lovely.
We bought a tree stand...
scent blocker.
deer treats..
I'm sure there was something camo in there.
I really can't remember.
It's such a blur.
It's not been as bad as years past,
 the obsession, possession,
complete deer craziness.
One year he didn't eat supper before 8 or 9pm for 3 months. Whew.
There were deer out there you know.
What are they doing? What are they eating? Are the bucks chasing does yet?
Oh my.
I do understand. I guess I could get a little that way with shopping and doing my hair and stuff like that. It's fun. It's what I like to do.
So ...  last week I came home with red hair. Yes. I did.
C.B. did not recognize me.   Not at all.
Maybe if I were wearing antlers.... haha. just kidding.
So anyway...
 I decided I better get out there and check this new tree stand out.

I'm up there looking down at C.B. who was then taking a picture of me. haha.

I also decided that I'm keeping this red hair for awhile.
Other people have not recognized me also.
 It's okay. It's good to do something different.
Next time I see you... just wave. You won't recognize me.
Happy trails...  hunting trails that is. :)

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  1. Love it. Great job! Now for a picture of that red hair!