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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

As I'm sitting here contemplating all the things that have happened last year.. I'm eating caramels and banana bread trying not to remember my New Years Resolution. Which of course is to get into better shape. Actually my resolution is not to have a get into better shape resolution next year!
The very best thing that happened 1 year ago was the purchase of our little farm.
It's given Country Boy all kinds of things to do and work on.
A reason to tinker.. and to buy things.. (it's a deduction you know)..
And it's given him a place to hideout so I can't find him.

Now he always has something to do.
Not that he didn't before.
It's just validated now.
We are so thankful for some dirt to dig in,
our family and friends,
our health,
and our jobs.
And our puppies.
(They seem to be the entertainment around here when the girls aren't home.)

Sometimes in all the chaos of life, I forget about all these things.
It's too cold to sit on my front porch and ponder.
Although I did go for a walk last weekend when the temp. made it to 57 degrees!

Well, this year definitely had it's share of work and worry, fun, good and bad times.
I can't remember the bad ...
but I'm sure there was some somewhere.
Now it's just all a memory. A moment of time that has passed.
We're looking forward..
We're anticipating greatness...
And.. we are wishing you all Blessings in the year to come.
May God Bless you and Keep you and may His light shine upon you....
and give you Peace.
Happy New year!

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