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Friday, January 6, 2012

One of those days

Have you ever had one of those days? One of those days you wished would have gone different... could do over or never even happened??
Yeah, I had one of those days a couple days ago. I had to wait to talk about it.
I had to make sure it was really over. Didn't want to jinx myself by discussing the matter. Ha.
It started out a lovely morning. I worked out. Made breakfast for the family. Got ready and made it to work on time. (That always starts the day out right).
It was a busy day at work. Which was a good thing. It really makes the day go by quick.
Well, I had put supper in the crockpot before I left so I was ready to go home and eat and put my feet up. Of course that didn't happen. I got home to figure out that I had turned the crockpot on but had forgotten to plug it in. Oh my.
The next morning didn't go well either. There were still bad vibes in the air because of the crockpot.
Anyway, I made it to work on time. That in itself was a miracle. I spilled coffee on myself and all over the floor chasing the dog that didn't want to go out, forgot my phone and halfway to town realized it and had to go back and get it, then I barely missed hitting a tire in the road. That was all before 9 am.
Not a good sign.
Work was fine. Thank goodness. (As a hairdresser you'd hate for me to say that something went wrong.) lol
It was after that.. I had left work early because I needed to attend a funeral. I think it was weighing on my mind... because I forgot to make arrangements to pick up one of the kids, had coffee spilled completely down my front again.. and then I couldn't find anything to wear.
Life just catches up with you sometimes.
I made it through the funeral. I felt so bad .. it was for a dear friends mother.
The rest of the afternoon was just crazy.
Dishes were staring at me, the laundry was hollering and there was food to fix.
So I sat down.
I just had to sit down.
Obviously my brain was not functioning properly.
I have recently ordered vitamins for this.
Oh dear.
I lost my camera usb cord.
I couldn't find my notes from work.. (for my other Real Estate job)
I broke the butter dish.
Need I say more??
And all my kids can say is that they're hungry.
They are always hungry... unfortunately it's never for what I"ve fixed ...
Ok... the 24 hour brain freeze was just about over.
I fixed supper... and went to bed.
That's it.
It's never the big things that cause me such stress.
It's all the little annoying things.
Thank goodness it's over.

That's all I've got to say about that.

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