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Monday, January 16, 2012

A Winter Day

There's nothing like a nice winter day. The sky was clear and the sun was shining. There was a hint of smoke in the air.
And Country Boy asked me to help him with a project.
It doesn't get any better than that.
C.B. usually does not ask me for help. Therefore, it means it must be a pretty big project!
I asked what we would be doing and he replied there were just a few things he needed done in the shed. (Which Shed?) Good Grief. Oh yeah, ok, the old Grainery shed. Got it.
I made a pot of coffee and started gathering my supplies.
It wouldn't be good if I went somewhere without my phone or camera. haha.
I skipped out to the shed with a pot of coffee and some cups thinking it was going to be a great afternoon. Then I saw this:
C.B. was already out there working and I spied a scaffolding. WHat??
Oh boy.
I asked how it was going.. cause it was the polite thing to do.
C.B. said it great. He just wanted me to climb the scaffolding and hold up a heavy light fixture so he could screw it in the ceiling.
No big deal.
Now, I didn't get a good picture of the scaffolding itself, but just so you know, it has wheels on it.
Yes, it does. So you can move it easily and push it around and stuff.
I was going to be on that thing.   Oh geez.
I'm not afraid of heights. Not really.
I'm not afraid to work... not usually.
I just didn't want to look down when I got up there.
It made my tummy feel funny.

I just didn't know why C.B. felt like he had to have lights out here in this old shop.
I mean, goodness, if it was dark out he could just go in the house.

We had lots of help.

Lucy is Miss Curious and would whine whenever I would climb up... But Waylon.. well, he didn't really move much. lol.

We had lots of things to do before we could pull that darn heavy light fixture up there, and C.B. made a mess...

But, it cleaned up ok.

Allrighty then,  it's time for a break. My favorite part...

We sat around on things and I let my feet dangle while we discussed the history of this ole' shed.
You see, it's been a work in progress for 18 years.
C.B. had to clean it out, take the insides out, and pour a concrete floor. Then he added interior walls and organizational things. It's been a spare time project for all these years and now he thinks he needs lights to keep on working on it. I don't know what he's thinking.
There's some little handprints in the concrete to remind us of the girls when they were little.
Kinda made me tear up. Golly, and where were they now when we needed all this help??
Teenagers are never home. You should know this by now.


C.B. got his lights up and all is right with the world.
They even work.
He had to go out after dark last night and test them out.
I decided it was alright.
He can have some lights out there because not only will he be able to see what he was doing...

So would I.

Let there be light!  :)

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