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Tuesday, July 26, 2011


It's been busy the last few days. How does that happen? It just does. It just starts in and before you know it .. it's busy!
This is my ornery nephew. My girls stopped by my mom's house and he was there. Before they left to come home he decided he was coming too. To spend the night.
He did. (he's only 5yrs. old).
It was quite the adventure having a little boy in the house. You forget how little kids copy everything you say and do. The girls enjoyed having him. I think they were fine when he went home though... lol.
Then last weekend we had another visitor....

Yes, we had Chip again. My in-laws went for a few days of vacation and Chip came to stay with us. The picture is a little blurry. Possibly because I was putting up corn when I took it and I had corn juice everywhere. It makes all things sticky and slick at the same time. haha.
Chip wasn't much impressed with putting up of corn. He didn't like the shuckin' at all. So he would just come and get some husk and run with it through my yard. Geez. Before long I had corn cobs, husks, and silk everywhere. It was hot of course so by the time I got to the cookin' and cuttin' part ole Chip was worn out.
He just couldn't find a comfy spot on top of the loveseat in the kitchen... poor guy.
There was other canning being done too. Like these purty little gems...
I love pickled beets. They are the only thing I can pickle that comes out right. I can't make regular pickles worth a darn. They always turn out the opposite of what they're suppose to be. The opposite of crisp, not too salty, green dill pickles. whew. Slimy slop.. I always have to throw them out. So I quit making them. I just make these. Good thing I like them so much.

Anyway, between the nephew and dog staying, the canning of tomato soup and pickle relish, the freezing of a lot of corn, the mowin', the rainin', the hayin' the laundry and the kids... new tires on my vehicle, more softball games, adorable daughter #2's friends... canning more tomatoes... I"m really not sure what day it is. I think it's today, I mean I think I know today, oh boy, all I know right now is that I"ve been busy.

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  1. Hey I know that lil' boy! He sure did enjoy staying and showing off his sassy talk! ;)