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Friday, July 1, 2011


It's hayin' time again. It's harvest time too. It's a crazy busy fun time. The harvest trucks are all over the place. The dust is in the air. It's great. That's my perspective today.
We just got back from a short vacation. Adorable daughter #1 played softball in Colorado last weekend and we went along for the fun. It's so exciting to leave for a destination. About the day before you're packing like a mad fool. Checking your list twice. Do we have everything? Do we need anything else? Can you stuff anything more in the back of the truck?
It's funny like that.
Then the trip starts. Are we there yet? How much farther? Can we stop and go to the bathroom?
You kinda forget about all that in the excitement of packing and looking forward to the trip.
We finally make it to the destination.
It's nice, it's beautiful. The mountains are in the background.
Let's eat a good meal and check into the motel.
So that's what we did. By the time you get to your room you're real tired from all the traveling of the day. You unlock the door and go bursting in and then you're real disappointed. It's a motel room after all. A cheap one. haha. It's close quarters for everyone and one bathroom. Whew.
4 nights in close quarters changes your perspective.
We did lots of fun things. Like white water rafting, shopping, eating, sitting at the ballpark and driving in the mountains. It really was fun.
It's fun to see all the farms and ranches along the way. Does anyone else have hay down? Are they harvesting yet? Look at that place....
Then you get home. Home sweet home. My house never looked so good or so big. Our Alfalfa looks great. The porch swing is calling my name. There's a mountain of laundry. That's my scenic route now... the path to the clothes line.
We rested a bit. We have a new perspective. We're ready to tackle all the work we left behind.
Maybe I need a vacation once a month so I can get all those extra things done.
Maybe I need to just go on vacation longer .. then everything will look that much better by the time I get home.
Maybe I'll just enjoy whatever I'm doing now. The work is hard but it is fulfilling. How did I forget that?
How did I lose my perspective? Did I lose it or did it just change?
I don't know. Right now I"m just glad to be home on the farm. Glad to be busy. Thankful for what we have.
And that's my perspective.

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