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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Buzzards... again.

Yes, it's true. There are buzzards in my driveway. Right there. Look at them. They think they are so cool.
Actually, they are after that snake.
Great. There's a snake in my driveway.
I should know. I accidently ran over it.
It popped. Sounded like a balloon. I just pulled in my driveway and there it was. Too late.
That poor snake is buzzard bait now.  Buzzard bait. I"m telling you that buzzard was flying over in no time at all. How did he know I was going to run over a snake? Where's he been waiting at? What's he doing.. spying on me??
Now he's in the road. He just can't leave it alone. The only best thing about it is that he flew right off with that snake in his mouth. At least it won't be stinkin' up my driveway.
There's other stuff happenin' around here too.
There's C.B. He's in our backyard picking mulberries. Why? That's what I asked too. He's convinced that our white mulberry tree will make the best mulberry wine. Well you never know till you try and that's what he's going to do.
Maybe mulberry wine will go real well with deep fat fried pickles. Maybe not. I don't know. Fried pickles have become a favorite around here though. We had them on our menu for the 4th of July. Yum!

No, the buzzards didn't get this guy. He just died one day and C.B. took to preserving his head. I think he was the oldest steer in the county. We had him almost 15 years and all we have to show for it is this skull.
Good thing C.B. didn't have to fight the buzzards for it. The buzzards know your every move. The are like a big nose flying around. You better not smell very ripe out here on the farm. They will find you. They might even try to carry you away.
I worry about my dog. Can a buzzard carry off a dog? A cat? Maybe one of the kids.....
Beware of the buzzards!

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