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Sunday, July 17, 2011

It's Hot.

It's hot. What else can you say? What kind of comeback is there for that?? The sun just sucks everything out of ya and all I can say is... it's hot.
You know it's hot when you are weeding the garden at 10:00am and sweat is running down your back.
 You know it's hot when your dog is panting while he's laying in the shade.
You know it's hot when you go to pick up your sunglasses and you drop them because they are so hot to touch.
When you have to air out the car and can't sit on the seat yet... you know it's hot.
Well, life continues on even when it's hot. It's funny like that.
We lost a heifer out of our pasture last week. She got out and has been running around. We put her back in a couple times, now the little brat isn't happy there and won't stay. ...  Did I mention how hot it's been?
Anyway.. we went looking...

We recruited some help and out to the pastures we went.
We had a follower.. wherever we went Commanche followed.
I got a little sidetracked and took some photos along the way... the next few pictures are from that evening and the next few days on our farm.

Kansas is a beautiful place. The moon has been just gorgeous and full the last few nights. I think I've noticed that especially because I only seem to go out at night now. It's too hot during the day. Okay, I think I"m whining now. lol.
I've really appreciated the country life in the last few weeks. It's not that I didn't before but it only takes a few trips to the big city to get me yearning for home. I really like to go places but the best part of that is then coming home. I've been a country girl too long I guess. I miss the locusts singing, the birds chirping, and the frogs in the creek. I miss my dog, my morning coffee ritual and oh yeah, my family being together too.
We were blessed with 2in. of rain a couple nights ago. My garden is actually muddy. I went out to do a little tilling this morning and had to weed by hand because it was so wet. Amazing.
The weather man is calling for a heat wave that is suppose to last until next weekend. Any farm pictures will be taken from my window ( from inside my house!). haha. I seriously thought I was melting when I was outside earlier. It's like walking into a greenhouse, or the rain forest dome at a zoo. I can't take it. 
Maybe I should say I don't like it. 
Maybe it's just extreme...
I think I"ll go try and cool off some more. Maybe I"ll be able to think straight after some ice cream.
Yeah, that's my plan. I"m leaving for ice cream then I'm coming right back.
I have to eat it at home... on the farm... with the birds.. the dog... maybe I"ll leave the kids in town. haha.

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