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Monday, June 13, 2011


Okay, Okay, alright. These are my Hollyhocks. I really like them. I really do. I just don't get close to them. Why? Because they are full of bugs!!
There are bugs everywhere. You can almost hear them from a mile away. At night, the space light in my yard buzzes. Not from electricity either. It's the bugs. June bugs, flying bugs, weird looking bugs, buzzing bugs...you name it. We have them.
All that is the intro to my next little story... C.B. and the bugs.
Poor C.B. .. He works all the time. He came home one night last week and told me it was too nice of a night to not spray. There was no wind and there were lots of weeds ...... Weeds.. they might be a story of their own. haha. Anyway, away he went. He prepares everything. Mixes up the spray. Fills the tank on the back of the 4wheeler with water. Hollers for Waylon and off they go.
I think he was gone for 15 minutes. It wasn't just a good night for sprayin'. It was a good night for bug biten' too. He got bit a little bit.
Okay, He got bit a lot.
Maybe even a whole bunch.
Well, It might be safe to say he was attacked!
I think every mosquito in a mile radius stopped by and bit C.B. They weren't just having fun after all. They were blood thirsty mosquitoes on a mission.
I asked C.B. if he wanted some lotion or something... Naw, he just wanted to jump in the shower. Alrighty then. Later he told me he counted 104 mosquito bites.
Now is it weird that he counted how many bites he had... or is it weird that he got bitten so many times? I'm not really sure about that.
These are my poor green beans a little while back. They were bug bitten too. They came out of it though. They are blooming now.
Why aren't the barn swallows doing their job?

They supposedly eat 1,000 mosquitoes a day. What's the deal? I have more barn swallows than I want to admit. (I finally got the one trying to build a nest on my front porch to leave. I don't know how. I'm thinking it was the butter flavored cooking spray that finally did the trick.)
So I've been teasing C.B.  Telling him he's a bug magnet. haha. Why do bugs like some people better than others? Gnats are like that. They really like some people and don't even bother others. They don't bother me at all. Poor adorable daughter #1 used to swell all up from gnats. Eeww.
Bugs.. Can't live with them and can't stand them. I'm so glad we have screens on our windows and a screened in porch.  The big bug battle. That's what's going on around here. I"m not sure where the boundary lines are. I bet your yard is included. Well, it is summertime. The only bug I like is the lightening bug. He doesn't bite and has a lot of entertainment value. That's it. I have to go find my bug spray now. I think I"m feeling a little itchy..........

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