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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Summer rain

What a beautiful morning we started out with. I was really enjoying it. I had clothes on the line. Dishes washing and cleaning started. I was in the basement for a bit and when I came upstairs I saw this:
Whoa Nelly, not looking good for the clothes on the line! I had to run out and get them real quick. I made it. It started sprinkling right when I got done. Had to put the clothes in the dryer dadgum it. It sure got dark in the house. There wasn't much lightening but the thunder rolled some. It's all hot and sticky and cool at the same time now. Summer rain. It's all her fault.
I was busy in the house. Kids aren't home. It's boring at home. They have things to do and places to be. I was excited I found the lost kazoo from the family gathering the other night. I think there should be a pretty excited kid to get his purple kazoo back! I'm not sure what they were doing in the basement but I think everyone had fun.
Wow, It sure rained hard. I have puddles everywhere.
My goodness.. how much rain did we get? I better go check.
Holy cow, I think that says about an 1.4 inches. What did all this do to the beans?? (It's all about the beans you know.)
They like it, they like it! I guess I better not complain about the rain. Next week when it's 95 and all hot, humid and sticky out I'll be wishing for a rainy day again.
Think I'll go out and check on the garden. Well, maybe not. It just started raining again. The sun is shining and it's raining and thundering now. It's summertime. That's how it goes in the summer.

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