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Friday, June 10, 2011


This is the most jealous dog you will ever meet. His name is Waylon. He is 8yrs. old. He rolls over for all people. He doesn't care who scratches his belly as long as it gets scratched.
This is Chip. This is my in-law's bundle of extreme energy. We are going to be dog-sitting for this crazy guy this weekend. Now ..Here's the deal...
 If Waylon thinks you are even looking at Chip.. he comes over and sits on your foot. He leans against your leg. He whines. He wants to be king of all who will pet him. Him alone. He is so jealous. He won't even play with Chip. He's afraid he'll miss out on some attention. When he thinks you aren't looking, this is what happens:
Yes, I caught them playing. Now Chip, he's all about playing, running, jumping and running. Your neck gets a lot of exercise while watching him. He's the little dog that is always running in the background. He's checking things out. Not Waylon. Look at him. He can't even play sitting up. If you aren't going to pet Waylon and his whining doesn't work he'll just go lay down and chew on his paw. He's just like that. He's always chewing on his paw. The vet told me one time it made him feel better. I guess when you don't pet him he takes it as total rejection and has to chew on his paw.
So there's the standoff. Look before you lick. That is their motto. They are just looney when they get together. These two. Actually Waylon is just weird. If he is outside all alone- He will bark at the horse or any cattle that may be in the vicinity. Watch out. Mr. Bob Barker. That is what I call him when he does that. Bob Barker.
Don't even think about petting Ginger. You will get the whine and dance. Waylon has a cow if you pet her. He will nudge your hand with his nose and whine something terrible. He's not a good farm dog. Not really. He's scared of guns and snakes. He's a big whiney baby.
I'm not going to say all that though. Because he is Country Boy's baby. I tell you what. If C.B. is out in the yard... Waylon is with him. That's just the way of it. Period.
All farms need a dog. I wonder if there's any qualifications for that. Probably not. Waylon wouldn't pass the test. C.B. would be devastated. That's his dog. C.B. is a pushover for all dogs. He lets them lick him and he teaches them tricks. Waylon is the nicest most jealous dog we've ever had. Be careful when you come to my house. Bob Barker lives here.

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