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Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Yes, it's summertime again. I had forgotten all about it. What it was like and all. I remembered the heat, the sweating and going outside and your hair going flat. Those things tend to stick with a person. What I had forgotten about was the children. Yes, I forgot about them and their bellies. I know they go together, the children and their bellies. I had just forgotten how they went together.
Whew. I also had forgotten how you can cook for hours. Slowly baking the meat, mashing the potatoes, and whipping up desserts. Then, they just disappear. I mean really. One minute it's all there on your counter and you blink. The next thing you know there's a pile of dirty dishes sitting right there.
What's the deal? I have girls after all. They aren't suppose to eat food in mass quantities. They really don't. They just eat all day long. Morning, noon and night. That's what happens.
Then - there's a couple friends over. They have to eat too I guess. lol. So there's more food disappearing.
Yes, it's summertime. The kids are home. They are eating us out of house and home. What does my sister do with 4 boys? I can't even imagine. I cook and cook and cook and bake and there's nothing left but crumbs. There's not any leftovers in sight.
I think that's the plan. Eat all you can now so we don't have to eat it later.
I don't think I ever did that.
Not really.
I'm going to start planning the meals in advance. I'm going to mark all the ingredients so they won't be eaten. Then when I go to make the meal I actually have something to make it with.
I already hid a big jar of peanut butter. I'm not telling anyone about hiding it in plain sight on the front shelf in the pantry either. They'll never see it there.
Wait a minute... I have to go start the next load of laundry. I have to wash more now because the kids are home eating and dripping and spilling.
What will I do when they don't come home anymore? I'll be cooking and eating. It might be hazardous to my health. Or to Country Boy's health. (He doesn't care though because he's eating with them.)
I'm not going to worry about tomorrow because I really need to worry about today. What's for supper? What can I eat? That's the standard question around here.
I'm working on it. It's summertime you know.
Good thing summertime doesn't last all year. I would be a butterball and the kids would be jolly green giants.
Well, that's all there is to say about that. It's summertime and I need to go figure out what's for supper!

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