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Sunday, June 5, 2011

The week end

So it's the week end .. the end of the week. Really it's the end of the weekend. Lots of sun and softball was enjoyed by our family. Actually, I'm sure by lots of families because we weren't the only ones there! It was exciting as usual and it wore me out. I just wanted to join Ginger on the deck and preside over the area for awhile.
Can I take a nap now?
Just look at these flower petals in my yard. They make me sleepy. I can't explain why. It looks like someone dumped a popcorn bucket right there.
The flower petals keep falling off this tree in my yard. It looks like a tree from the south. The thought of a tree in the south makes me real relaxed and sleepy like. Does it count that the tree is in the southern part of my yard? Yeah, I don't know what that has to do with anything either.
Today is adorable daughter #2's birthday. She had a pretty good day I think. Her Papa bought her a pellet gun for a birthday gift. They had to go out and shoot it right away.

Well, it works! They had a good time trying to get it sighted in. I couldn't sit and watch them for very long. I was just so sleepy. I couldn't even get to the hammock. It was already occupied.
The love birds were hogging it all. That's adorable daughter #1 and her sidekick. Well, the eyelids were really starting to hang so maybe a short walk would be in order. That sounds good. What do you know?! I just happened to walk by the bean field. How did that happen? Might as well check them out while we're here.
It's amazing what a little sunshine can do. This isn't a sprout any more. Just like my kids. They just aren't little sprouts any more. The grass along side the road sure is getting tall. It's really kinda pretty.
It's pollinating right now. It's making my nose stuffy. It's making me sleepy.
Okay, alright. I admit it. I'm tired. I'm sun burnt just a little. I feel like a piece of toast... just a bit crispy along the edges and all soft in the middle. I'm not sure where that came from. I'm going to walk through this grass and find my bed now. It's the week end. The end of my weekend. It's the end for now. Goodnight.

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