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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Before and After

Yay.. we finally got a little bit of rain last night. My country boy was pretty excited about that. He's very excitable. I asked him this morning how much rain we did get.. and he said not very much. Not enough.

So, for some reason all that made me think of this:
And then I thought of this:
Rain is just amazing isn't it. lol. It can do all kinds of things......
Amazing things....
I went flower shopping last week and of course flower turned into flowers. They multiply. They double, they triple and they fill their pots. They fill the air full of such wonderful sweetness. (We need all we can get with a stinky dog, cat and kids.)

Before and After. Before breakfast I was starving and after I"m not. Before the day begins I'm full of energy and after it's about done I'm not.
Before my flower pot were empty and after they're not!
Before I wrote this I was somehow dissatisfied, unfulfilled, distracted, and smelling bad...
And now I"m not!  :)

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  1. Rael! I haven't talked to you forever! Love the blog (and your beautiful flowers). I've been planting this week, too, but I don't think mine look as nice as yours. I will call you on my way home one day this week.