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Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Can I have a do over? You know, start over again. This day has been crazy! Have you ever woke up in the middle of the night, sat straight up in bed and hollered "oh no". Well, that didn't happen to me. I"m sure I giggled and rolled over at some point in the night though. I did wake up and groan and open one eye (just to make sure I was really awake) and realize that my asparagus was planted upside down. Oh no. Oh Yes, yes it was. I had to go replant the darn stuff for the 3rd. time.
Then my morning went a little wacky. I fixed breakfast and kicked everyone out the door and was going to post on my blog. Computer down. It's like saying Blackhawk down. Well, we are a multi-computer household so I thought I"d log onto the other one. No luck. Nothing comes up on the screen at all. Oh Geez.
Well I needed to hurry to town anyway. I don't remember why but I did. I got halfway to town and remembered I left my phone at home. How could I function without it? (I was expecting a work related call.) I turned around and went home to get it. Good thing too, I had left the coffee pot on. Oh my.
So I get halfway to town again and spill hot coffee all the way down my front. Wow. I got to town on time and stopped by the office. I told them I sure hoped I wasn't contagious.
So... no pictures for the blog. :(   Nothing but details.
The computer guy is coming to my house on Saturday. Can I wait that long? Can I take it till then with no internet?? I"m going through withdrawl already. I'm using my work computer to post this. (Don't tell anyone.)
Sometimes it's those little details that really get ya........

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