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Monday, May 23, 2011

Rake day

So yesterday was the day to rake hay. There was a nice stiff breeze among us. These flowers were actually losing some petals! Anyway, with the sunshine and the wind blowing that's the signal to rake hay. So start up the tractor and get to it.
Well, the hay did get rained on. Doggone it anyway. C.B. says the first cutting usually isn't the best cutting. I guess it was the one to get rained on then if it had to. Well.... It's the one I picking so it can't rain on any other cuttings then right?! Yeah, me and mother nature are pretty close. ha. I might be close to her but she doesn't listen to me. Sounds like a typical mother/kid relationship I guess.
Just look at those hay rows, or are they piles? Or are they bunches? I don't know, but we have some. Tomorrow evening they shall be in beautiful bales. The field will be cleaned up and ready to grow some more. I'll be on standby with the camera just in case some pictures need to be taken of the process too.
Look at that rake on the tractor. Look at that smoke. Yeah, I just liked this picture.
Obviously, someone passed me on the road. Didn't even offer me a ride either. Humph. Oh well, it was time to get more things done anyway. About this time our farm expert showed up. Uncle Gail. I didn't get his picture. It would have been too noticeable if I would have ran to the house to get my camera. So I just smiled and said Hello! :)  He came to investigate our ground. To give it the once over. To properly touch and smell it to make sure it will grow something. Not really. He did come to look at the ground though. It's still a little muddy in spots ... I think that was the verdict.
That's all there is for this episode. There's more to come. Hold onto your hats and take your heart medicine. I hope you can handle it!

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