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Saturday, May 21, 2011


After 2.5 inches of rain, our little farm today is idle. Nothing going on. It's way too muddy to even think about it. There's the planter. It's just sitting there. It got washed good. I'm sure it needed it. Since there's no farming to be done.. the next best thing to do around here is eat!
You can't see them but there's blueberries in that there bowl! This morning I made lemon-blueberry pancakes.  Yum! (Thanks to Pioneer Woman for the recipe!) Anyway, they go real good with a steaming cup of coffee. In fact, They were so good as soon as they hit the plate I forgot to take a picture of them and we gobbled them right up!
Nothing like a good stick to your ribs kind of breakfast to start the day off on the farm. Except there's no farmin' to do today. Idle.. nothing.. nada. Well, a full belly shouldn't be wasted so I'm sure I can find something to do. We have children after all. They should count for something. Well, we did spend part of the morning on the screened-in porch drinking coffee. (My kid#2 used to call it the screamed in porch.) haha.
That didn't last long. Country boy can't sit still. He's thinking about all the stuff he needs to do on the farm. It's muddy I tell him. I don't think he hears me. The only thing moving today is our flag!
It's a gentle breeze for Kansas! Well C.B. isjust fidgety. He's a wiggle worm. He was so bored yesterday and he loves me so much he made me this in the rain;
It's just the most adorable table ever. It matches the picnic table he made for me a few weeks ago. I think I kinda like the mud. The rain. The farm in neutral. It seems to benefit me! One thing is for sure, the farm might be idle but the farmer is not. That's a statement you can take to the bank.

Look at this little darling. He's not idle at all. He's an active little critter. I had a terrible time taking his photograph. I guess golden finches don't like their pictures taken or something.
Okay, so now that I think about it... the only thing on the farm that is idle today is the equipment. The flags, birds, people and other unmentionables are not. Oh wait, except for the kids. They seem to be idle. I think they are still sleeping. They are teenagers. There's nothing else to say about that.

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