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Friday, May 13, 2011


What's happened to me? I'm not really sure. I just realized there's a lot of purple around here.
I look out the window and see purple everywhere I look. I really shouldn't say this but... I've always considered purple to be an old lady color. Kinda like the Red Hat club. I think the hats should be purple instead. Purple was  my grandma's favorite color. If we bought her a gift and it had purple on it she loved it. If it didn't she would say "Boy that sure would be pretty if it had some purple in it."
These lilacs are purple, it's just a different shade. It's all about the shading of the color you know.
These Iris are my favorite. They transport me back to my childhood whenever I walk by them. No, I wasn't the crazy kid who loved flowers. It's because they smell like grape koolaid. They smell exactly like grape koolaid. The old fashioned kind. You know the koolaid you add a cup of sugar to.
This one smells like lemonade. Yes, I went out and smelled it just to make sure. It smells like koolaid lemonade. (try typing that real fast ten times!)  Okay, let's leave the koolaid section now.
You see, these things attract more than people. When I walk out on my deck now all I hear is a buzzing sound. It's these darn flowers full of butterflies and bees. Goodness, you can't even hear yourself think around here. (which might be a good thing, thinking for me has gotten me into trouble recently.. haha)
See back in those trees... Yes, those are wild purple phlox. I found them on my walk yesterday. I'm surrounded by purple.
The short green plants in front of our sign out by the flag pole bloom purple too. My Grandparents gave them to me. Actually most of my flowers are from dear family and friends. Which is a good thing. Maybe I should change my perspective about being surrounded by purple because of the way all these things came together I'm actually surrounded by love. Oh no, it might be by the love of purple. I better get some new colors around here.

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