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Monday, May 16, 2011

Cuttin' Time

It was cuttin' time this last weekend for our Alfalfa. I don't know who was more excited, the dog or all the birds! The barn swallows come out in swarms and fly low above the alfalfa to get any bugs, and the dog runs along the edge to get any rats or mice. Oh my.
There's Waylon on patrol. You can see how tall the alfalfa was.. it was taller than the dog! All I could see was the white tip of his tail as he was running around.
The aroma of fresh cut alfalfa can't be beat. It's like a sweet song hanging in the air. The barn swallow kinda gets in the way though. They dart here and there and I just know they are going to dive bomb my head. If I could find the one trying to build a nest on my front porch I'd take care of him!!
There's Waylon following the tractor. The wheels on the tractor go round and round. haha.
Here comes Country Boy again. If you look close you can see a darn bird in this picture. C.B. had it made. It was fairly cold out and he was nice and toasty in the cab.
I like the swather. It has a cadence all it's own. You could almost dance or march to the beat. Of course the birds, dog and other wildlife wouldn't stare at you if you did that.
C.B. almost ran over me... not really. I just wanted to get closer. The fragrance was quite nice right there.
The rows are looking good!
The fence posts look good too!
There's the field all done out the tractor window. C.B. felt sorry for me and gave me a ride. I looked real pathetic out there freezing with my camera I guess.
Here we are coming up the driveway. Oh my, the tractor window isn't very clean. Oh dear, wonder if we can make it. I better not say anything though. I don't have time to be tractor window washer. I have things to do. I just know I can find something to do!
This ends the first cuttin'. Baling is next. The process is very complex.
Should we bale the alfalfa in small bales, should we bale the alfalfa in big round bales? Whatever shall we do. Should we rake it, or should we just take it? Maybe we'll just bale it in a few days. HHmmm... the saga shall continue!

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