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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

New Day!

Yay! It's a new day and I figured out how to fix one of the computers. I'm feeling pretty good right now. Feeling pretty good....

Earlier this week I found Gingers kittens too. They were hard to find. The clue was when she was helping us last week pull out posts. Yes. Why was she out there? Clear out there...

clear out there
Ginger suddenly appeared that day. Sure made me wonder so I walked out there. Here's what I saw:

This is where she had them. Down in that old wagon. What was she thinking?

Clear back in there between that old tire were 3 babies. I couldn't stick my hand in there because there's a hornet's nest in that there tire. When I peeked in there though the kittens fell out. There were 3 now there's 2. Waylon thought he'd play with one before I could stop him. Naughty puppy. Now they're in my garage...up high where he can't get them.

They are so cute. The girls named them Thunder and something else real goofy. I can't seem to remember. Anyway, Country Boy went fishing last night. He needed some thinking time. Fishing and thinking kinda go together.

There he is, cleaning those fish. He caught several. Funny thing was he had to fight off the cat and the dog. The cat wanted some fish, the dog wanted to get some before the cat, the cat got one and then the dog ate a cleaned fillet while C.B. wasn't looking. It was just a circus out there.

So all is right with the world now. There's some fresh fish in the freezer, the asparagus is finally planted correctly and the lost kittens have been found. The bird war is continuing though. I sprayed the light fixture with some cooking spray and now my front porch smells like butter. I'm not sure what the next move will be. I think I'll go put some clothes on the line now and dare it to rain. We need it. Another day of country life.

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