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Friday, May 27, 2011

Farm Updates

It's times for a few farm updates. An overview of farm happenings. There's been lots going on. First of all.. sprouts have been spotted!
There they are. Bean sprouts. I'm lucky to have found them. I only go by the field a couple times a day. I might have missed them if I wasn't watching close. Actually Country Boy reports to me so I can report to you. He's the head honcho for bean spotting around here. hehe. It's exciting. It's really happening.
They're so cute. There's just something about a sprout. Since the beans are popping - I decided to take my chances and check on the asparagus that I have now planted 3 times. The poor things. First their roots flap in the breeze like little flags, then the roots get covered, then I realize they're upside down and so they've been through a lot. I've been walking by the asparagus bed and not looking at it. Who wants to look at failure directly? I dared it though and saw this:
Yay! An asparagus plant! It's not a complete fail. It's only a 13/14th fail. Only one plant out of 14 came up. Is that a 98% fail? No wait.. it's only a 92.85% fail. whew. I think I might give it some more time though. Maybe some other ones will pop up after they've been rained on for awhile. You know, the almost 3.5 in. we've had over the last week might not have been enough to rejuvenate roots that have flapping in the wind.
Well, I have another sprout that has grown.
This is my baby. I looked the other way for just a moment and when I looked back she's graduating from 8th grade. I'm very proud of her. Her birthday is next week. Gosh, how can I handle so many things at once? I still think she should be going to grade school with her sister........
Well I can dream. We had a nice family gathering for her big days. Lots of cake, ice cream and visiting happened. It was fun.
I had to clean out the garage and charge admission too. lol. I didn't really charge admission. I had to pay them all for coming. Okay, okay.. they all came willingly and it was a very nice evening. My oldest child is having a big week too.

She's headed to the 4A high school state softball tournament today. She's done well and so have her teammates. It's very exciting! I am very proud of her also.
I am so tired. Growing stuff and following stuff and having stuff really takes it out of a person. It's nice to know though that we are surrounded by wonderful family and friends. They really make everything that much better. Thanks everybody!

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