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Wednesday, May 25, 2011


It's another rainy day in Kansas. Good thing the farmin' is done for now. That's why we can talk about farm requirements. The things that are required to make your farm a farm. I have a top 5 list of requirements. Here they are:
1. Porches
2. Front Porch
3. Back Porch
4. Screened in Porch
5. Any Porch

You see, you just can't have a farm without a porch. It's a requirement. It's needed for lots of things. Now each porch has its own job. Here are the job descriptions:
Front Porch: This is used for welcoming. Mostly just for welcoming people to your home. Sometimes some decorating happens here. Or maybe sitting on the step. But mostly the front porch just welcomes.

Back porch/deck: This space is used for cooking, BBQ, eating, lounging, resting, gathering and occasionally working. You might have to clean some vegetables from the garden here. You might not.

Screened in Porch: This is the special place. It's almost sacred. This is where the porch swing is located which you should always read the mail and the newspaper in. Also, there are some wicker chairs here. Mostly used for coffee drinkin', bird watchin' and relaxin'. When there's a slight breeze and you might be just a bit sleepy, be careful. You might fall asleep on the screened in porch.
I like to go out on the screened in porch at night. It's real dark at first. Then you can see the stars and sometimes even the moon. If you sit back in your chair and get real comfy, you can hear all kinds of things. Why are the night bugs louder than the day bugs? Anyway, you can hear the frogs and bullfrogs, crickets rubbing their legs together and the owls hooting in the creek. Every once in awhile you can hear the coyotes howling too. There's usually a soft glowing light coming from the house and a t.v. playing softly in the background. It's a magical kingdom!
A couple nights ago I was out there and I could see lightning from a far off storm. I also saw a few lighting bugs! Or fireflys, or blinkerbugs... what do you call them? They're a sure sign of summertime.
During a regular farm day, the porch is used for hollering at kids, shaking rugs and looking for C.B. Country Boy is always out in the yard or in the shed and I always need to look for him from the porch. I just can't get a good view from in the house.
So that's it. You gotta have a porch on the farm. It's a popular place. A real crowd pleaser. A requirement!

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